My 365:Day 108

When they play outside they will occasionally come back in and check on William. I asked them to stop doing that so much today because I was cooking dinner and after each of their check-ins William would get upset that he couldn’t go out with them.

This is what they came up with instead of coming inside.

(You can just barely see a little of William’s hair against the wall across from the door. He’s backed up there as far as he can go. Probably scared out of his mind at that face his brother is making.)

My 365:Day 105

When I woke up this morning the weather was nice. A couple hours later a storm blew in and brought cold with it. Here stood these two gazing out into the backyard and wishing they could go out there to play. They’re obviously dressed for it, right?

My 365:Day 104

I was so sleepy yesterday afternoon. Chad and the big kids were lounging on the couch and William really needed to play so I took him in his room to play. I ended up falling asleep on the floor for a little while and woke up to him climbing all over me. Then once he knew I was good and awake he started this awesome game of peek a boo. He would hide behind his kitchen and would wait for me to sing “Where is William, where is William” to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin”.   Then he’d poke his curly-haired head out and laugh. He’s such a fun little man.
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My 365:Day 101

When he was little his favorite bedtime story was “Where the Wild Things Are”. When I would come to the part that says, “And Max said” he would always say the “No” on his own. Always.  Even before talking was a thing he did.
He’s my precious first-born, the one who made me a mother. I’m so grateful it was him who did.

My 365:Day 100

100 days of pictures down. I wanted to be all celebratory.  Instead, I’m sitting here with a lens that’s broken and a slew of blurry pictures.

A sweet friend invited the kids and I over this afternoon to take pictures with another friend’s bunny rabbits.  Of course, we couldn’t miss out on that.  She set up a precious area in her backyard for photo ops – complete with awesome farmer’s market carrots.  It was precious.  I brought my camera along, equipped with my favorite 50mm lens.  I snapity snapped away and now I’m sitting here at the computer and not a single one of them is in focus.  So, 100th day picture is here, just out of focus.

Now on to 101 – with a different lens until my replacement arrives.  :-)April9resized

My 365:Day 99

Caroline picks these flowers for me each and every time she goes outside. She always makes a collection on the threshold and when the bouquet is to her liking she knocks on the door to let me know she has it ready.