Longview Texas lifestyle Photographer: Sharing milk

I have never been much of a milk drinker. As a child I was the one left at the table with an empty plate, but a full glass of milk. I think it goes back to spending time on my grandparent’s dairy farm. Seeing where it came from and practically drinking it from the source was a little too much for me.
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A while back I came across a picture of myself as a child sitting with my cousins at the dinner table at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We all had plates and cups in front of us. My cousins had emptied their milk glasses, while little Lacey’s was still full. I had to chuckle at that sight.


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If I ever do pour a glass to drink, it has to be in a GLASS glass and must be consumed within seconds of being poured. There cannot be any chance of it becoming warmer than it was in the jug. Don’t even mention adding ice. That’s just insane. And it goes without saying that I would never, not ever share anyone else’s milk.

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When I have a bowl of cereal, the amount of milk poured over it is minimal and what is left at the end of the cereal eating goes down the drain. It is never drunk. Ever. Well, not by me.

My children do not share in my rules of milk consumption. This was demonstrated this morning as William slyly pulled my cereal bowl over in front of him and proceeded to drink the remaining milk. My stomach turned a little, but he’s so cute I got over it.



I’ve come to terms with my relationship with milk. We may never be friends, but I’m happy to look the other way as my children make their own milk rules or lack thereof.

Longview Texas Photographer: A Styled Shootout

This was such an amazing opportunity for me to do something completely new and different from my norm. I was able to participate in a styled wedding shootout put on by Pursuing Eden Vintage Sales and Rentals. The ladies there are amazing at what they do and they styled this event with no detail forgotten. Everything from the model’s hair and makeup down to the invitations was perfect. So many wonderful local vendors donated their time and talents to make this shootout the perfect event it was.


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Now to give a shout out to all those amazing vendors –
Styling and Rentals by Pursuing Eden Vintage Sales and Rentals
Florals by La Tee Da Flowers on the Square
Cake by Calavera Cakery 
Hair and Makeup by Dollface Makeup Artistry
Dresses and Jewelry by Emily Rae’s Bridal, Prom, and Tux Boutique
Invitations and paper goods by Ellie Bee’s
Models: Danielle Westbrook, Sydney Posey, and Zoe Rothluebber
Featured Photographer: Lindsay Steele Photography

Longview Texas Lifestyle Photographer: A Thursday Morning

I have always been drawn to pictures of everyday life so recently I decided to give a session away that would give someone pictures of just that – their everyday.  My sweet friend, Aimee, won the session and at the end of January I met with her and 3 of her 4 children on a Thursday morning in their lovely home.  I let them go about their normal routine, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.  They were wonderful!   Their home is calm, inviting and full of love.  I think you can feel that through these images.

 I am sharing just a handful of the images with you today.  If you’d like to see more, check out the video at the end of this post.  Who doesn’t love pictures set to music?!


You can get in touch with me to set up a session like this for yourself.  It’s painless, I promise.  I also promise you will treasure what comes out of it.

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Now, check out the video below and see more from this session.

(song: “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran)

Longview Texas Lifestyle Photographer: A storytime

He climbed in the rocking chair this morning with a book for our story time. I noticed his toes peeking out from under the book and looked over to see the picture hanging on the wall above his bed. That picture is of his little, 2 week old toes. I grabbed my camera and again focused on his little piggies.  His feet are bigger but they’re still little.

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