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Longview Texas Children Photographer: In the field with C

I took my daughter out a few days ago to play around and just have fun.  If I get a flash of inspiration or I’m feeling in a rut I can count on her to help me out.  She is always up for anything and happy to be my subject.  We found little bits of Spring as we were out, yet there was still a chill in the air once the sun started to go behind the trees.  This time of  year is lovely.  Who can’t appreciate a fresh start, a rebirth. I feel that way when it comes to photography in the Spring.  I tend to lay a little dormant during the winter months, but when the sun comes out, the days get longer and the trees begin to bud, so do I.  I look forward to Spring and all it has to offer.

These are the black and white edits.  I will be posting color edits soon as well.

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Longview Texas Family Photographer: The W Family

All of my sessions are fun.  Really fun.  But they don’t all contain ATV rides, stray dogs trying to join in the family portrait (that really happened), climbing through barbed wire fences, overalls and cowboy hats.  This one did have all those things and I had a blast.  This family is always full of ideas and again this year, they did not disappoint.  I never know what to expect and I love that about doing sessions with these awesome people.  I do know that I should always wear my rubber boots and be up for adventure.  They were my final session of 2015 and we went out with a bang.  Take a look.

Longview Texas Family Photographer: The L Family

This session was a long time coming.  This wonderful family used to live here but have since moved away and welcomed a little boy.  We’ve been trying to get together since he was born and we were finally able to make it happen.  I am so glad we did.  There are so many gems that came from this session.  I hope they love these as much as I do.

Longview Texas Maternity Photographer: The D Family

I really feel so honored when people come back to me time and time again.  It means the world to me that I am trusted to capture the changing lives of my fabulous clients.  And I love watching them grow and change through my camera lens.

I bring you this amazing family today that have been with me through many changes in their lives.  This time as they were getting ready to welcome their second little one into the world.  It was such a special session and such a pleasure to do.  This family is full of love and joy.  I am so excited for their (now grown by 1) family.

Longview Texas Family Photographer: The M Family

I’ve had the great pleasure of having these beautiful people in front of my lens a few times now and they never disappoint.  I so enjoy just following them around and capturing their adventurous spirits.  The older boys are always up for anything and loved when I told them they would be climbing trees as a part of their session.  It won’t be too long before little brother is following along on their tree climbing adventures.  And I can’t forget to mention my friend and their beautiful mama, who I’m so glad wanted to be in the frame as well.

Longview Texas Maternity Photographer: Maegan S.

This session from back in September was an absolute joy.  I can’t believe I haven’t blogged it until now.   Sure, it was hot and sticky but the location was perfect, the light was marvelous and these people were amazing.  I had such a fun time.  We met in the morning in the same spot she had her wedding pictures done except this time she was getting ready to welcome a second child.  She was all kinds of beautiful – glowing with that special glow only a pregnant woman gets.  Her little girl was so energetic and fun to be with.  We even got to spend some time hanging out with a horse.  Take a look.