Normally when I get finished with a shoot I immediately start editing.  It’s so much fun!  When I got home from my sessions last Saturday I was very excited to get started.  I got all of the photographs loaded and played around with a few so I could put the sneak peeks up for the families and then, dun, dun, dun –  I got sick.  Blech!  So, this morning I am finally feeling up to sitting at the computer and taking a look again.  As I did, I came across this one of the the Cowan boys.  I have to say that I love it.  I think it totally shows boys being boys.  These boys are so fun and silly and I think this shows that.  And I also have to say that it was cold that morning and we were all having some nose issues.  I don’t think we all dealt with them the same way , but…


One thought on “Boys

  1. What a proud mommy moment! I just happened to look at your website tonight so I could find your e-mail address and saw this sweet picture of all my men…so sweet!

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