Thank you all!

When I decided to start Lacey Newman Photography about 2 years ago I had big dreams for it.  I had a hard time thinking I could make those dreams happen, though.  I figured I’d have a few loyal fans that would give me a call once a year or so and that’d be it.  It did start out that way, but those same loyal fans have sent me client after client and I am so grateful.  To everyone who has their beautiful face shown on this blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have learned so much and really come to understand that this is what I am meant to do.  I absolutely adore every minute of it.  I love meeting new people and connecting with them.  I love seeing a new side to my friends and their families.  I love making people happy.

As I come away from each session I do, I find I’ve learned something new – a new technique or a found an awesome new location.  And because everyone is different, I get to be creative each and every time and find what works for that session.  I’m not one who goes out of her comfort zone easily.  However, with photography, it’s much easier for me to do that.     This is what I love.  And I love that you let me share it with you.  I love that you trust me to photograph your families, your children, you.  Thank you, thank you!!

I have even bigger plans for this little business of mine.  2012 is going to be a fabulous year!  Let me share with you a few ways Lacey Newman Photography is growing and changing.

  • First, my blog address is now simply “”.  
  • You’ll also notice at the top of my blog I have added some easily accessible information to help answer questions you may have about me and my services and what to expect at your session.  If you have not taken a look at that, I urge you to do so.  
  • Another thing happening this new year is that my rates will be changing.  My services are still very affordable and you will still receive your edited photographs on a disc to use as you wish.
  • Be on the lookout for my new business card.  They will come in handy for you and let me tell you why…
  • One last, new and very exciting addition is the “Tell your friends” reward.  When you refer a friend, family member, neighbor, or a stranger you met in the grocery store you’ll receive a discounted mini session for up to 5 people to use when you like.  Check out the “rates” tab for more details.

I am so thrilled for this new year.  So thrilled in fact, that I got up early this morning to tell you all about it.  I couldn’t wait.

Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement.  I couldn’t do this without you!!  See you in 2012!




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