Remembering the importance of photography

I came across this link on Facebook today and haven’t been able to get these images out of my head.  These are some of the only color pictures from the depression era.  They’re amazing to look at – like you’re seeing something for the first time.  It brought this time period to life for me in a way the black and white pictures never had.

Seeing these also reminded me how important it is to capture the everyday with my camera.  It’s those images that will be important someday.  It’s those that my future grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on will look at with wonder.  This was an encouragement for me to do more with my camera everyday – to take it with me and not be afraid to take it out and use it in places I normally wouldn’t.

About a year ago I had an idea that I was excited about, but that was quickly put on the back burner.  This has inspired me to revisit that idea.  I’m excited to share it with you, but not today.  So stay tuned…

In the meantime, have a look at these amazing photographs.


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