Baby J

Remember this?

Take a look at this.

He’s here!

Meet sweet Baby J.  He’s just a little over a week old and as sweet as can be.  I pretty much told his mother I was coming to take his pictures.  Didn’t really even ask her if it was ok.   We’re friends so I can do that.  🙂

Every other time I’ve been around this little one he’s been asleep.  Not today, though.  He was awake and wiggly.  

Don’t you just love the wrinkles?!




His nursery is so cute.  I’ll share some more shots of that later on.


3 thoughts on “Baby J

  1. Lacy, your very talented. They are great pictures. I like those black and white, like vintage and it’s precious. Jana and baby J.. are great too.

  2. Ohhhh, Sweet Baby James, you are so adorable. What big, beautiful, blue eyes and what an adorable , chiseled, petite chin. You are certainly worth waiting for. You are our newest little angel and you sure do have a beautiful angel for a mother. Gram Tam is missing holding you and loving you, but I am sending angels to be by your side, every day. Much love, Gram Tam

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