More Baby J

To unwind this evening I had a date with my mac and more of Baby J’s images.  I got a little carried away…

{the nursery}


{conversations with a newborn}

{the details}

{baby sneeze}

{proud mama}

{totally in love}


3 thoughts on “More Baby J

  1. Dear Lacey and Jana,
    I am sitting at the computer and crying. I , of course think that this baby boy is just so incredibly adorable. I think his mother is s true angel, and I feel so blessed to be the Gram Tam. My heart is stretching all the way from Bolivia to Longview, Texas. Thank-you Lacey for taking the time to show off my favorite subjects. You are a true friend. Love to all, Gram Tam xoxoxoxo

  2. What a pretty Mama. I LOVE his little nursery, such fun colors! I love what Jana is wearing- did I mention she is a pretty mama? And how do I even start on that little muffin in her arms? Oh my goodness- James is such a heart breaker! I just want to squeeze him! 🙂 Well done, LN! 🙂

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