This wedding

The handsome groom is my cousin on my dad’s side.  I remember when he was born and now he’s a homeowner and married.  I’m so happy for these two.  They make such a beautiful couple and they are so very well matched.  I know they are going to make a wonderful life together.

I didn’t shoot this wedding for the couple, but I was there as a guest and my camera was too so I did shoot this wedding for myself.  I couldn’t let my poor camera down, now could I?  Also, my little ones were in the wedding so I felt obligated to be that annoying mom snapping away.  🙂

Since I did snap, snap I’ll share of few of my snippety snaps with you.  enjoy!

Notice all of the awesome handmade decorations.  So fabulous.  If you’re getting married soon, soon-ish or simply dreaming of the day, take notes!  And then give me a call to capture it all for you.  😉

I give you  JOSH and JORDAN.  {with quite a few of my little ones in there as well}

This is my baby brother and his beautiful girlfriend, Lauren.

That is my sweet Papa waiting in line for his order from the Taco truck.  Isn’t that such a cute idea?!

There you have Josh’s sweet grandmother on his mother’s side having just completed placing her taco order.  She seems pleased.

It was a marvelous evening.  One my children will be talking about for a while.

When you ask them about their favorite part they’ll probably tell you it was getting to choose their own bottled soda and eating the rock candy wedding favor.

That was pretty awesome!


2 thoughts on “This wedding

  1. What a fun wedding. I especially love the pinwheels and your cute kiddos! Great photos as always,

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