The Hugginses – The 2012 version

Huggins 6 wmr

Sometimes there are people who come into your life and at first you can’t imagine the significant part they will play.  You meet up for lunches and dinners with them.  You talk about your interests, you joke, you laugh you have fun.  Then, you begin to realize they are the people you call first when you have good news.  They are the people you turn to for encouragement when you need it.  They are the ones who are there for you when you’re in a jam.

The Hugginses are those people.  We met when the guys were in law school.  With them we’ve been through births, deaths, sicknesses, moves, good times, bad times, sad times, and just plain ole’ ordinary days of laundry, diapers and work.  I am so pleased to have them on this blog yet again and I’m thankful they trusted me to capture their growing family this year.  Take a look at the Hugginses.

Huggins 5 wmr Huggins 8 wmrHuggins 16 bwwmrHuggins 7 wmr Huggins 10  bwwmr Huggins 12 wmr Huggins 13 wmr Huggins 14 wmr Huggins 15 bw wmr Huggins 17 wmr Huggins 18 wmr Huggins 19 wmr Huggins 20 wmr


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