What do you want to remember?

I read something today that struck a chord with me. Another photographer wrote about her approach to photographing her children. She, like me, has small ones at home and feels the same desire to capture them in their surroundings as I do. She shared that even though she had that desire, she didn’t pull her camera out often because it was too much trouble, her house was a mess, the kids were a mess…things just weren’t picture perfect. Her desire was to capture her children and their life as it really was, but she wasn’t doing that. To find a solution to her dilemma, she asked herself this question – What will I want to remember when my kids are grown and no longer live here? She realized she wanted to remember everything, including the mess and chaos. So she started taking her camera everywhere with her and photographing her children even if the room they were in was trashed and things weren’t “pretty”. She talked about feeling awkward taking pictures in the grocery store or asking the Starbucks lady to “hold it right there” while she took a picture. She pointed out that the second of feeling strange will pass – the photograph you get from it will last forever.

So I asked myself that same question – What will I want to remember when my kids are grown and no longer live here? And my answer was the same as hers. I want to remember everything. So, tomorrow I hope to begin a more in depth photo journey (not just on instagram) with my children that will hopefully show the love, the mess, the sometimes chaos, and the beauty in our family. I’ll even take you with me on this journey. Want to come along?

To start us off, here is a shot from this evening of my biggest guy on the trampoline. Trampoline = greatest investment we’ve made for the children. 🙂



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