April 25 – a day in my life

I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time. In the past I’d start but lose it halfway through the day.  Today, I actually completed a full days worth of photographs. Sun up to sun down, here is my day.

Note: I forgot to mention that my first grader is up before the sun for school so that is why you don’t see him in the morning. He doesn’t live at school. 🙂

dayinlife3wmrShe woke up at 2am and stayed up until 5:30.

dayinlife4wmrMy breakfast of homemade blueberry muffins.  So yummy!  I ate by myself this morning since the girl was a night owl and as a result, still asleep.

daylife2wmrWell, I wasn’t completely alone at breakfast.  Francis was there.

dayinlife5wmrLone shoe.

dayinlife6wmrWhat better way to start your day than with a little Arrested Development?

dayinlife7wmrThen this guy woke up.

dayinlife8wmrAnd we hung out in his favorite spot for a while.

dayinlife9wmrBath time for little man means snuggle time for these two.



dayinlife12wmrIn he goes.


dayinlife14wmrShe kisses on him every chance she gets.  And I need to clean out his drawer.

dayinlife15wmrUnmade beds.  They’re unmade because I’m busy snapping pictures.

dayinlife16wmrLittle girl finally woke up and requested a smoothie.

dayinlife17wmrBecause she slept so late it wasn’t long after the smoothie I was making lunch.  PB&J – her favorite.  We were headed to the park with friends.

dayinlife18wmrFighting naps at the park.

dayinlife19wmrWhen we first got there she slipped and fell from these.  I’m happy she dusted herself off and got back on.  She was much more cautious, though.

dayinlife20wmrThis guy doesn’t like his carseat for about the first 5 minutes in it.  Either that or this was his first “I don’t want to leave the park yet” tantrum.

dayinlife21wmrThe girl tried her hand at fashion design.  I think she nailed it.

dayinlife23Story time and a pop up book.  Bonus!

dayinlife24wmrTime to pick up the first grader.


dayinlife26wmrWe got him.

dayinlife27wmrFall asleep in the car.  Stay asleep in the carseat at home.  Don’t want to risk waking him.

dayinlife28wmrSnack time.

dayinlife29wmrProof that she painted today.

dayinlife30wmrSometimes when I have to go he has to go too.

dayinlife31wmrSpelling words.


dayinlife33wmrDaddy’s home!!

dayinlife34wmrStory telling at dinner.  Daddy tells really great stories.


dayinlife36wmrFeet of a nursing baby.  Getting ready for bed.

dayinlife37wmrAfter bath.  Squeaky clean.

dayinlife38wmrA little Justin Timberlake before bed.  He navigates itunes better than I do.

dayinlife39wmrHow we end every day.  Scriptures and prayers.

Thanks for sticking through to the end.  It really was fun, but tiring and challenging as well.  I hope to do things like this more often.

Happy April 25th.


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