The Lobo family

When meeting  a new client for the first time I often feel similar anticipation as if I were getting ready for a first date. Thoughts such as “Will they like me?” and “Will they have fun?” run through my mind.   (Insert fingernail biting here).

A week or so ago I got to meet yet another awesome and beautiful family and I was lucky to be their first family photographer.  This family should have pictures done all the time.  They were so fun and easy going.  Not to mention, good looking.

Meet the awesome Lobo family.

Lobo10shareonweb Lobo11shareonwebLobo13shareonweb Lobo14shareonweb Lobo15shareonweb Lobo16shareonweb Lobo21shareonweb Lobo26shareonweb Lobo23shareonweb lobo6shareonweb lobo5shareonweb Lobo3shareonweb Lobo12bwshareonweb Lobo17bwshareonweb Lobo15bwshareonweb Lobo9shareonweb Lobo22bwshareonweb Lobo2shareonweb

Lobo18shareonweb Lobo8shareonweb Lobo4bwshareonweb



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