The Lovelace Family

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with this family. I have known them for several years now and they just keep getting more and more delightful.  The love that oozes from these images is palpable.

In addition to just being all around awesome, they are also so funny!! The little one had me cracking up. Being in front of the camera wasn’t really how he wanted to spend this hour on a Saturday, but in between asking if we were finished yet he gave me lots of genuine smiles and character. Awesome kid!

It is quite fitting that they chose to wear super hero shirts.  Though they may not have the ability to fly, a magic hammer, or x-ray vision they have strength beyond measure.   They face challenges head on and do so with unmatched bravery.  They are truly super heroes!  It is my honor to share these images with you today.  Take a look at the Lovelace family…

Lovelace1shareonweb Lovelace3shareonweb Lovelace5bwshareonweb Lovelace7shareonweb Lovelace8bwshareonweb Lovelace10bwshareonweb Lovelace11bwshareonweb Lovelace14shareonweb Lovelace17bwshareonweb Lovelace19shareonweb Lovelace20shareonweb Lovelace21bwshareonweb Lovelace22shareonweb Lovelace23shareonwebLovelacefam2shareonweb


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