The Stout Family

I have had the pleasure of getting to know this lovely family over the last several years.  They are delightful.  One thing I have loved most about knowing them has been watching them transition so effortlessly into parenthood.  Their little guy is a dream baby.  He’s so bubbly and happy and only a couple weeks older than my little guy.  I was so happy to capture these images for them.  You can tell what a happy home they must have.   I’ll stop talking now and let you see for yourself.  I give you the Stout family.

(disclaimer: I had THE hardest time trying to decide which images to share with you because I truly love them all so you’re getting a little more with this post than usual.)  Enjoy!

Stout1shareonweb Stout3shareonwebStout7shareonweb Stout8bwshareonweb Stout9shareonweb Stout10shareonweb Stout12shareonweb Stout13shareonweb Stout14shareonweb Stout15bwshareonweb Stout16shareonweb Stout17bwshareonweb Stout19shareonweb Stout21shareonweb Stout22shareonweb Stout23shareonweb Stout25shareonweb Stout26shareonweb Stout28shareonweb




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