Baby K

A couple months ago I got a call from a sweet mom to be.  She was in need of someone to photograph her baby bump.  I was happy to oblige.  Do you remember these beautiful people?



Well, the baby bump is gone and  now they have a beautiful bundle to hold in their arms and love and cuddle and squeeze.   And I got to photograph her.  (And I might have even gotten to love on her a little bit myself)  How did I get so lucky!

KennedyGrace20resizedtoshare KennedyGrace18bwresizedtoshare KennedyGrace16resizedtoshare KennedyGrace15bwresizedtoshare KennedyGrace14resizedtoshare KennedyGrace11resizedtoshare KennedyGrace9bwresizedtoshare KennedyGrace8resizedtoshare KennedyGrace5bwresizedtoshare KennedyGrace1bwresizedtoshare





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