My 365:Day 1

2013 has left us and 2014 begins today. As I look ahead to the new year all I can think is that I want to prioritize, simplify and slow down. 2013 came and went much faster than I am comfortable with and I honestly don’t want a year to fly that quickly again. Like, ever again. In my attempt to focus on the important things and appreciate the small things I am committing here and now to doing a 365 project. What is a 365 project? Well, I’ll tell ya. I will be taking at least one picture every single day for the next year. I’m excited about this. I’m excited about the challenge. I’m excited to show myself that I can stick to this and actually do it. I’m excited to have 365 photographs to look back on. It’s gonna be awesome. Anyone else want to join me?

Here’s day one – my Jackson chatting with his father in the morning while peeling and eating an orange.


Speaking of simplifications, there will be some simplifying around this blog as well.  Coming soon.  Stay tuned…


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