My 365:Day 3

Did you think I gave up already?

Didn’t give up, just been out of town for the weekend.  It’s nice to get away.  And especially nice if you have awesome family to stay with.   AND family that will watch all 3 of your kids for most of the day so you can run off with your husband for a while.  It was such a nice little get away.  Thank you, thank you lovely family!

Now, I can be pretty (terribly) forgetful.  Yay for me, I did NOT forget my camera.   I remembered something!!  I did, however, forget to get it out of the car when we were unloading our bags Thursday night.  Oops.  My poor camera had been all alone out in the cold, cold car all night.   As soon as I pulled it from the bag in the warm house the lens fogged up.  There was no time to defog.   There was a moment happening in the living room that I had to get – my sweet husband sitting on his brother’s couch with a guitar, surrounded by all 3 of our little ones.  So despite the fogged lens, I snapped away.  This is what I got.

I’m glad I remembered to bring my camera.   And I’m even glad I left it in the cold.  I like that fog.



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