My 365:Day 10

Our youngest is celebrating his first birthday today.  He’s really excited about it.


Toddler tantrums are already making an appearance.  He’s perfecting the arched back.  It’s awesome.

We sure love him, though.  This last year wouldn’t have been near as awesome without this little guy.

He loves bananas and eats them every day.  He loves having his big brother and sister close by.  He loves to empty containers, cabinets, purses etc.  He loves sneaking into his brother and sister’s room when the door is accidentally left open.  He loves his Daddy and pats him on the back to let him know so.  He eats more than any of the rest of us do and is never full.  He can win the heart of anyone he meets.

I’m so thankful to have this guy in our family!


2 thoughts on “My 365:Day 10

  1. Sounds like a wonderful little guy……….give him a big hug from me………..hope to see him someday soon. Love you guys !!!

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