My 365:Day 31

I did it.  One month.  31 days out of 365 down.  Well, actually 30 days – I skipped one, but it was an accident.  Still, 3o days of pictures!  I’m giving myself a big WAHOO.  You can give me one too when you read this.  If you want.  I’m not going to force you.  How could I even force you?  You’re aren’t in the same room as I am.  If you were, then I would force you.

Anyway, here’s my final picture for January.  Took the two youngest to the park today to take advantage of the nice weather.  I love me some winter and cold and scarves and sweaters, but I also love fantastic park weather.  Today was FANTASTIC park weather.

To say this guy enjoyed himself is an understatement.  He would have stayed to examine the wood chips all day and slide down the slide.  Boy, did he love coming down that twisty slide on his big sister’s lap.  Seeing how much he loved it makes me anxious for more fantastic park weather.


I love how curly his hair gets outside and I even love the constant stream of slobber that drenches the fronts of each and every shirt.  If you look closely you can see a slobber drip dangling from his chin.  It’s constant.  I love his cheeks and his full bottom lip.  I love his serious looks and how easily his face lights up with a smile.  I just love everything about him.

Now, bring on February.


One thought on “My 365:Day 31

  1. Larry loved the fat cheeks of little guys !!! Glad that you had such a good time at the park !!! Hope you have many more to come. I think that we have a chance for some snow.

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