Kamie H: Maternity

I absolutely love everything about doing maternity sessions. There is so much joy and anticipation. Not to mention the mothers, fathers and even the children have this special glow about them. It is such a special time.
This lovely family welcomed their precious baby girl just yesterday and I am over the moon excited for them.   I know you will feel the love that radiates from these images. I also know their precious little girl will be blessed by her wonderful parents and big brother.   Now, without further ado, I am honored to share these with you today.  Enjoy!

Kamie1resizedtoshare Kamie2bwresized Kamie5resized Kamie6bwresized Kamie9bwresized Kamie10bwresized Kamie12resized Kamie13resized Kamie15bwresized Kamie16resized Kamie17resized Kamie21resized


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