Longview Texas Birth Photographer : The birth of Baby S

G_001rI first met this couple when that precious little girl below was just a baby bump.  They contacted me to do maternity pictures and they have called on me time and time again since then.  They are regulars of mine and have become friends.  When she told me she was expecting I was so, so excited for them.  And when we discussed me being there for the birth I was even more excited.  These are truly incredible people.  Nicer and more genuine people you will never meet.

 The birth of their second child and first son was filled with love and support.  I am so happy to share it with you.


G_003r G_004r

She had such great support from family and friends who were with her the whole time.

G_005r G_007r G_008r G_009r G_010r

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk one on one with this soon to be dad of 2.  He was so calm and so excited to be welcoming their son.

G_014r G_019r

Mom was gorgeous and strong.  She was so in control and made it all look so easy.


Big sister was so comfortable and happy to be surrounded by all of the family she loves and who love her.

G_028r G_032r

I loved watching the quiet, yet supportive interaction between the mama and her mama.  They clearly have a very special bond.

G_033r G_035r G_036r G_038colorR G_040r G_042r G_044r G_045r G_047r G_049r G_050rAnd check out her perfect nails!

G_051r G_055r G_056r G_065r G_066r G_069r

When it was time to begin pushing everyone sprang into action like they do this all the time.  I was so impressed.  Dad knew exactly what to do.

G_079r G_090r

And her anticipation and emotion spilled over onto me.  I had a hard time seeing through my tears.

G_092r G_102r

Dad was there to catch his son.  It was such an incredible moment.

G_104r G_108r G_111r G_114r

I can’t get over those little fingers holding so tightly to his mama.

G_115r G_116r G_121r G_125r G_128r G_131r G_133r G_135r G_137r G_138r G_140r G_141r G_148r G_149r G_155r G_161r G_163r G_165r G_166r G_169r G_171r G_172r G_177r G_179r G_182r G_189r

There was so much love in this room.  This little boy will never wonder if he is loved.  Of that I am certain!

Thank you, thank you to O and D for letting me be a of your lives and allowing me into this life changing day.  Love you guys!


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