Longview Texas Family Photographer: The E Family

When I think of a dream session I imagine a beautiful location, perfect light, and clients who are up for anything.  This was that session.  The entire time we were together was an absolute dream.

I first met this family a few years ago when mom was expecting baby no.2.  Their family looks quite different now.  They are all of them beautiful, fun, energetic and kind.  I am so excited to share their session with you!  Take a look.

E_115 E_111 E_105 E_104 E_097 E_096 E_095 E_092 E_087 E_085 E_072 E_071 E_068 E_067 E_066 E_065 E_064 E_061 E_057 E_056 E_052 E_050 E_047 E_042 E_037 E_35 E_032 E_031 E_030 E_029 E_028 E_026 E_021 E_018 E_015 E_013 E_011 E_007 E_006 E_005 E_004 E_003 E_002 E_001


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