Longview Texas Lifestyle newborn photographer: Baby R at home

Baby R is here!  [you can see his mama’s maternity session here]  He arrived into a very loving and energetic home.  He has 2 older siblings to love on him and teach him the ways of life.  🙂  He has 2 awesome parents who couldn’t be happier that he is in their arms now.

We met in their home for a lifestyle newborn session just like we had done when their little girl was born.  It was so great.  Everyone was comfortable and in their element.  I loved watching them interact with the new baby, especially big brother and sister.  Those 3 are going to have so much fun together and be great friends.

Take a look at Baby R’s in home session.

RH_064 RH_60 RH_059 RH_049 RH_047 RH_045 RH_044 RH_043 RH_042 RH_041 RH_040 RH_038 RH_037 RH_036 RH_035 RH_033 RH_032 RH_030 RH_31 RH_027 RH_026 RH_024 RH_023 RH_022b RH_020 RH_019 RH_017 RH_016 RH_015 RH_014 RH_013 RH_012 RH_011 RH_010 RH_009 RH_008 RH_007 RH_006 RH_005 RH_004 RH_003 RH_002 RH_001



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